Pete’s Picks: A Guide to Week 3 of the NFL

I went wild on predictions last week, and it did not pay off. This week I’ll try (try) to reign it in a bit, attempt to level out my prediction wins and losses. And ties.

Lions @ Eagles – Eagles

Lions have played great through the first two weeks, but the Linc is a hard place to win and the Eagles have been solid so far, I see Doug Pederson out coaching Patricia in a close game in Philly. Explosive passing/receiving attacks will meet solid secondaries on both sides of the ball for a hard nose close football game. 

Jets @ Patriots – Patriots

Oh how happy I would be if the Jets ever got good again, and made this rivalry fun, but sadly, it’s really not. The Sexy Rexy – Mark Sanchez – Bart Scott smack talk back to back AFC championship Jets are long gone, but the Pats dynasty is just as hot and ready to win another ship (unfortunately). Phillip Dorsett will shine in New England with no AB. 

Bengals @ Bills – Bills

Josh Allen is a guy that you want at QB for your team right now. The dude is a gamer, I have very much slept on this man, but he plays with an intensity and effort every offensive leader needs. Bengals show signs of talent across the board, John Ross is nearly unstoppable when he’s playing at the top of his game, and I’m sure they make this game tough for the Bills, but I see J Allen taking this one at home for the Mafia. The Bengals run game hasn’t clicked to its potential, and the Bills will most likely take advantage of that. 

Dolphins @ Cowboys – Cowboys 

I’ve raved about the Cowboys both weeks so far, and I will continue to do so until they show signs of slowing down, and that will not occur against the Miami Dolphins at home. Poor Dolphins. I’m not usually one to trash the lowest NFL team, but the Dolphins need LeBron or some other miracle… 

Broncos @ Packers – Broncos

Broncos could easily be 2-0, I’ll continue to blindly backup my boys for one more week. We’re beating ourselves out there, and I don’t see the Denver Broncos going 0-3, I see them upsetting the Pack in Lambeau (probably not). If Chubb and Von play out of their minds, we can take it. (fingers crossed). 

Raiders @ Vikings – Vikings 

Vikings are a solid, solid football team, and that beautiful stadium is going to be one of the hardest places to get a win this year. Green Bay is a very tricky place to win and the packers looked great. If Dalvin Cook stays healthy, the Vikes are going to be a very hard out. Raiders offense should not be able to handle this defense. Vikings at home. 

Falcons @ Colts – Colts

Call me crazy, I like this young Colts team and Jacoby Brisset. Marlon Mack is a bad bad man. The O-Line means business. Colts defense can get sacks and create a turnover or two, this should be their game. The Falcons can be great at anytime, but it is a known fact that they are the kings of inconsistent. Colts showout in a shootout at Lucas Oil against the Falcs, snag one at home. 

Ravens @ Chiefs – Chiefs

This game should be all up to the hype, but the Chiefs probably take this one in front of the kingdom. Mahomes is just, too, good. You could put most anybody to either side and behind Mahomes, and he would still win. As long as Chief Andy is in KC, the beginnings of a whole new Patriots-style dynasty could be forming right under our noses… as terrifying as that may be for a Broncos fan. The Ravens look top-notch, but these Chiefs are near perfect and groundbreaking at Arrowhead, they should win this. This game may be reminiscent of the massive Rams-Chiefs shootout of last season. 

Panthers @ Cardinals – Cardinals 

Unless Kyle Allen plays out of his mind good, Kyler Murray and company have a chance to absolutely shine against a depleted Panthers in Phoenix. I think Kirk has himself a great day, and the Cardinals roll in front of their home crowd. McCaffrey should have a huge day for all you fantasy owners. Kyle Allen could step up and bring it home for Carolina, anything’s possible, but most likely this is Kyler’s game to show-off for all his new fans.

Giants @ Buccaneers – Buccaneers  

Two words – Bruce Arians. I love the guy. Godwin is playing lights out balls to the wall. Tampa defense came up big in Carolina on Thursday night to knock off a division rival on the road in week 2. The Giants are struggling, I still like their offensive weapons though. Daniel Jones will make his first start in Tampa, which could pay off for the G-Men, but a very hungry veteran defensive core in Tampa might just eat him alive. I won’t be shocked if we see Eli again for one reason or another in the coming weeks. 

Texans @ Chargers – Texans

Texans are no joke this year. Neither are the Chargers, but the Texans should sneak this one on the road at a not-so-strong home field advantage for the Bolts. If the Texans are going to be a serious contender, they should be able to go into LA and take this win. The Chargers look good but if the Texans can expose their weaknesses as the Lions did, the Chargers canbe taken down very tactically. Houston has the deep threat weapons to expose this Chargers secondary, and I think the Texans steal this one in Cali. 

Saints @ Seahawks – Seahawks 

Poor, poor, poor Saints. I mean, seriously? Hopefully Drew Brees recovers quickly, but in the meantime I’m very excited to see Teddy Bridgewater get a chance at this again. Unfortunately, a red hot Seahawks in Seattle is just about the worst team to play in this situation. Seattle’s defense is scary. I think the Seahawks own this game at home, even with Penny hurt. Carson carries the weight, and Russ has a dangerous game at home. Seahawks take advantage of a beat up Saints team in front of the 12’s. Hopefully Teddy transitions into his starting role smoothly, but I don’t think this will be an easy week for that. 

Steelers @ 49ers – 49ers

WOW. I have been so high on the Steelers and so low on the 9ers; for no reason at all. No longer, the San Francisco 49ers look phenomenal and the Steelers do not look like themselves. In this week’s installment of two of the greatest powerhouse franchises in NFL history go head to head, Jimmy G, the stellar defense, and the 9ers take this football game at home. Shanahan and Lynch up to something special in San Fran… (?)

Rams @ Browns – Browns

Yup. You heard it here first, darkhorse pick of the week. Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns shock the nation on Lake Eerie and gain back the respect of so many of you confused football fans, don’t believe me just watch. Jarvis and OBJ put on a show of all shows on primetime Sunday night. 

Bears @ Redskins – Redskins

Yup. You heard it here first, OTHER darkhorse pick of the week. The Redskins have actually shown us some great football these two weeks but have fallen short to two cut-throat division rivals. The Bears, on the other hand, have looked very unimpressive to this point and barely squeezed out a win last week. The Bears are a better football team, but they are not playing to their potential at all. I’m actually very confident in saying the Redskins take this game on Monday Night Football. Redskins defense finally gets a slow-paced offense and the Skins offense should take advantage. 


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