Week 2 NFL Bets We Like


Well, friends, I am not gonna lie to you, I took a bit of beating last week with those games. I went 3-4 last week but easily could’ve gone 1-6 if it was not for the late rally of the BIlls and the Cardinals. I may have even vastly overrated the Panthers, there is no way that Cam Newton is healthy, or maybe he is and he just stinks now. But it is a new week and I am loving every single pick I have for you this weekend. 


Detroit Lions +1.5 vs Los Angeles Chargers 

The Lions have to be kicking themselves after they let what looked like a for sure win against the Cardinals slip through their fingers. I think that they will bounce back and beat a Chargers team who really struggled with Colts last weekend. Phillip Rivers threw a few to many interceptions last week and if he has a repeat of that, I do believe that the Lions can surprise some folks and steal this game from the Chargers. 


Philadelphia Eagles -2 vs Atlanta Falcons 

The Eagles came out very slow against the Redskins last week and it almost looked like the Eagles were about to start the season 0-1, but Carson Wentz and the offense woke up in the second half and were able to come back and beat the Redskins. The Falcons, on the other hand, looked very sloppy against the Vikings and got absolutely crushed on the road. For the life of me I cannot figure out how the Falcons continue to struggle this much with as much talent as they have on their roster. I would like to think that the Falcons figure it out this weekend and can rally and beat the Eagles, but until I see this team play a complete game, I will bet against them. 


Cleveland Browns -7 vs New York Jets 

Mandatory Credit: Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY

It was a bit of a shock to everyone who was watching last Sunday how bad the Browns looked. The Brown looked undisciplined, unorganized and let’s just be frank they looked downright terrible. The Jets looked very strong for the first three-quarters of their game against the Bills last week, but the Jets are going to be the Jets and they blew the game. The Jets are also down QB Sam Darnold and LB CJ Mosley could possibly miss this Monday night as well. I do believe that the Browns will come out and play like the team that we expected them to be and should win this game by at least 2 touchdowns. 

I mean after last week start, it is only up from here right? Like there is no way that I can gamble any worse than I did last week? One can only hope that this is the week I can achieve the perfect week and go undefeated in my picks. And hopefully, if you’re reading this article you will have a perfect week with me. Let’s get rich friends. 

Bonus Picks: 

Oakland +7 

Green Bay -3 

Broncos +3 

LA Rams -2 

Titans -3

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