A Betting Guide to Some Week 1 NFL Games


There is no way to sugar coat what I am about to say, so I may as well get ahead of myself now. I would like to personally apologize to all my loved ones but once Sunday comes around, I will not be leaving the couch for a solid 10 hours a Sunday. Don’t ask me to go get food or ask me to do things around the house. Sorry, they are going to have to wait, because we have real NFL football to gamble on for the next 6 months. Before we dive into my picks for the week, I need to warn all of you reading this that I am feeling very confident about the board this weekend. This could either be great for bank account or it looks like I could be moving back into my parents’ basement, either way, let’s dive into it. 

Carolina Panthers +2 vs LA Rams 

Not only do I think the Panthers will cover in this game, I really do believe that they could win this game. The main reason why I like the Panthers here is because the Rams are a West Coast team traveling to the East Coast for a 1PM kickoff, and I really just don’t like when teams from West Coast play in the early time slot, they usually come out really sluggish and this will let the Panthers jump out to an early lead and then let their defense take them home to victory. I also think Cam Newton will have something to prove this year, after a down year last year. 

Buffalo Bills +3 vs. NY Jets 

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I really don’t understand why everyone seems to be high on the Jets this year. They added Levon Bell who may I remind you did not play a single down last year so the jury is still out on how Bell will play this year. I also have doubts about the Jets defense, plus let’s be real; we are talking about the Jets. I also really like Buffalo, I think they are well-coached and I believe that Josh Allen is going to have a breakout year, watch out for Cole Beasley this year he may be a sneaky good fantasy pickup this year. 

Seattle Seahawks -9.5 vs Cincinnati Bengals 

I have bad news for the NFL, the Seahawks are back, and they are young and ready to compete for a Super Bowl again. The Seahawks were a very good team last year. If their OC knew how to call plays they probably would have beaten the Cowboys last year in the playoffs. Fast forward to this year and the Seahawks added Jadevon Clowney to an already loaded defense (and oh you still have one of the best quarterbacks in the league in Rusell Wilson). Put this all together and add to the fact that the Bengals are probably not going to be very good this year, I think the Seahawks could win this game by 3 touchdowns. 

Let’s be honest, if you do not get excited for week 1 of the NFL season there is something very wrong with you. I wish all of you luck with your gambling adventures this week, let’s get rich, friends. 

Bonus Picks: 

Los Angeles Chargers -6.5 

Pittsburgh Steelers +6.5 

Houston Texans +7 

Arizona Cardinals +3

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