An Interesting Way to Clear Peter Parker’s Name In Spider-Man 3


I am going to preface this by saying it is going to include spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home and Daredevil

If you’ve seen the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, then you know that Peter Parker is probably going to be in some legal trouble heading into the next Spider-Man film. Quentin Beck, also known as Mysterio, leaked to the Daily Bugle that Peter Parker is indeed Spider-Man. I’ll be the first one to say that when I saw that for the first time, I lost my damn mind. Not only because the ICONIC J.K. Simmons was back in the role of J. Jonah Jameson, but because of the implications Peter’s identity being out brought. Not only is Peter in danger from people who want to hurt Spider-Man, but also are those he cares about. It’s a classic superhero trope; don’t reveal your secret identity. Ever. Unless you’re Iron Man. Or Captain America. Or….any of the Avengers I guess? Anyways, yeah. The world knowing that Peter is Spider-Man is a really big deal and leaves him in uncharted waters heading into the next Spider-Man film. 

I think it’s safe to say that Peter is probably going to have some legal troubles. As far as we know, the Sokovia Accords are still in effect. The meaning of these accords is murky now, but Peter was fighting on behalf of Shield, an organization that was revealed to be infiltrated by Hydra. Not only was he fighting for Shield, but he was doing so overseas. Peter could be in serious legal trouble here. 

This is the point in this article where I start to speculate. It’s obvious that Peter is going to need a lawyer, and there are two candidates in the MCU that could help him out. The less likely of the two would be Jennifer Walters, aka “She-Hulk”. This could work, and She-Hulk is one of the most popular characters yet to be seen in the MCU. She most certainly could be Peter’s legal representative, but I don’t think this is exactly likely. For one, introducing a completely new character like She-Hulk in the next Spider-Man film is a disservice to the character of Jennifer Walters. I think she can 100% be an Avenger, and because of this, should be introduced as more than a side character. I think a different lawyer should be used.

One of the most beloved Marvel properties over the past decade has been Daredevil. The show (from all we know) brought in fantastic ratings for Netflix and introduced fans to Matthew Murdock, the Man Without Fear. Charlie Cox’s portrayal of the character was met with outstanding praise from audiences. His interpretation of Daredevil is probably my favorite superhero casting of all time (tied with RDJ as Iron Man). The three seasons of TV that DaredevilI gave us are, without a doubt, the best seasons of TV that any Superhero show has ever delivered. This is largely due to Cox playing the character of Matthew Murdock. His Daredevil is charming, angry, and broken. To me, he’s much like a blind version of Batman. I really love the character in this show because even though he largely puts himself on the line in battles that he barely walks away from, the toughest battles for Matthew Murdock to face are the ones within himself. He’s a man with immense pressure put on him, and he blames no one but himself for things that happen. 

I could write about why I love Daredevil for hours, so I’m going to bring this article back to where it started. It makes sense for Matthew Murdock to want to help Peter Parker in the next Spider-Man film. For one, he knows that Peter just lost a father figure in Tony Stark. Hell, the whole world did. Peter is going to be the most vulnerable he’s ever been (since Uncle Ben’s death) at the start of the next Spider-Man, and he’s going to need someone who knows what it’s like to have to hide one’s biggest secret from those he cares about the most. 

Okay, let’s say this happens and Daredevil, played by Charlie Cox, is going to be in the next Spider-Man film. First, we need to discuss some of the legal actions that Marvel Studios will have to take in order to make this happen. Marvel’s deal with Netflix made it so that Disney can’t use Daredevil in any projects until December of 2020. Not only that, but the relationship between Marvel TV and the Marvel Films is pretty bad. We never really saw any tie-ins between the Avengers and the Netflix shows because they were run by two different people.

Kevin Feige ran the MCU, and Ike Perlmutter ran the TV side of things. The two didn’t get along very well, and I think this is a major reason why the two sides of Marvel didn’t really collaborate at all. So between the fact that Marvel can’t even use Daredevil (we don’t know if this means that they can’t shoot with him, or release a project until then) and the fact that Kevin Feige might not want to use a character who was led by Ike Perlmutter, it’s iffy if the MCU will ever see Charlie Cox’s Daredevil. 

Okay, enough of the boring stuff out of the way. Daredevil being in the next Spider-Man can and should happen. I’ve already said before how it makes sense to the story, and let me dive more into that I mean by that. The world knows Peter is Spider-Man. So, something needs to happen to prove to the world that Peter actually isn’t Spider-Man. There was actually a great run of the 2001 Daredevil series (issue #25) where Matthew Murdock had to defend himself in court amid accusations that he was Daredevil.

He called in a favor from a certain web-slinger, and Peter Parker walked into the courtroom in a Daredevil suit, thus seemingly proving to the world that Matthew Murdock wasn’t Daredevil. I think the exact reverse could happen, or Daredevil could have someone else wear the suit while he appears in court as Peter’s lawyer. Regardless, this idea could work. 

Daredevil and Spider-Man are commonly friends in the comics. This is partially because they both fight the villainous Kingpin of crime, Wilson Fisk. The Daredevil TV show used Fisk as a villain, and Vincent D’Onofrio’s portrayal of the character put him as the best villain in the MCU, in my opinion. At the end of season 3 of Daredevil, Fisk is sent to prison. We don’t know which prison, but it’s possible he’s wherever the Vulture and Scorpion are. Here is where we start to form the Sinister Six. I think Fisk could use the Vulture and Scorpion to break out of prison. As part of their deal, Vulture and Scorpion could be hired to attack Daredevil, as Fisk knows that Murdock is the Man Without Fear.

This could lead to Spider-Man getting involved, hearing that the Vulture was back and out of prison. In this story, we’d see Matthew Murdock and Peter Parker team up, as well as Spider-Man and Daredevil. Their personal and professional lives are crossed, and this is even so with the villains. Spidey and Daredevil have villains that are coming for them both. 

The film will most likely also introduce a new villain. The odds are it’ll either be Norman Osborn, Kraven the Hunter, or maybe even Venom. I think Norman Osborn is the most likely, but director Jon Watts has gone on to say that if he had his wish, Kraven the Hunter would be the villain in the next Spider-Man film. Kraven hunting down both Peter and Spider-Man would certainly be a reason for Daredevil to come in and help as well. There are so many possibilities, and I’ve presented just a few of them. To me it’s clear: Daredevil needs to be in the next Spider-Man movie. It makes too much sense. The characters are friends in the comics, people want more Daredevil now more than ever (with the show being canceled), and Peter needs someone new to look up to. Charlie Cox’s portrayal of Matthew Murdock is one of the best superhero castings ever, and I think Marvel hopefully realizes this. Spider-Man 3 has a chance to be the type of Spider-Man film that we’ve never seen. We saw Peter become Spider-Man in Homecoming. We saw him struggle with wanting to be Spider-Man in Far From Home, and we can possibly see him struggle with not being able to be Spider-Man in the next film. There’s a lot of potential story there, and I hope, whatever happens, the next Spider-Man film is kick-ass.

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Trey Mitchell

The creator of The All Around. I'm a student at the University of Tampa. Originally from Denver, Colorado. I've written for Star Wars News Net and Dig in Denver.

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