The First Annual Super Hero Movie March Madness Bracket

Okay, I know, I know. This time of year we get inundated with brackets trying to decide everything from the best children’s book, to the best type of condiment. And that should generally give us pause in doing another one, except for…no. Because these are awesome.

A year ago, during March Madness we did a bracket to find out which was the best Disney Movie. We saw a few brackets floating around and honestly felt like they were made by people that did not understand how seeding worked. We saw first-round match-ups between Toy Story and the Lion King and Moana having a surprise easy trip into the sweet sixteen with wins over the Great Mouse Detective and the Rescuers. THE RESCUERS. Not even the Rescuers Down Under but THE RESCUERS.  So, as a response, we decided to take every Disney movie ever made and rank them in order of 3 criteria: Box Office revenue adjusted for inflation, Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score, and Rotten Tomatoes Critics Score. After the seeding we used a google voting form that was left open for 24 hours to have people vote for their picks. Each night we advanced the winners until we crowned a champion. The final bracket resulted in a championship matchup between the epic Lion King and the Cinderella (pun intended) in the Emperor’s New Groove. Check it out below.championship.jpg

Recently, after seeing Captain Marvel, my daughters and I decided to do the same thing but with Super Hero Movies. Please vote and share. The seeding Methodology is explained below. I would be more than happy to hear other suggestions in the future, but this seems much better than the random nature of many of the brackets I have seen that seems to be put together by people that have never once watched an NCAA tournament game much less the selection Sunday broadcast.

Seeding Methodology:
We took all of the movies designated as Super Hero Films by Box-Office Mojo and put them into a spreadsheet. The seeding was based on average rankings of these films in 3 criteria: Box Office revenue adjusted for inflation, Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score, and Rotten Tomatoes Critics Score. I understand that the RT audience score can be problematic with the recent trolling done to tank films, but any other process or seeding system seems just as problematic.

Here is a link to how the seeding broke down. I was as surprised as anyone about none of the Fantastic Four movies making the top 64. I feel the 2005 movie has some merit to it, if nothing else for comedic value, and the 2015 wasn’t as bad as many made it out to be, although it was pretty awful. It got tanked by such a poor showing at the Box-Office. Also some of the seed were obviously affected by the recent rash of preempted trolling on Rotten Tomatoes, specifically Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Captain Marvel. That said, it seems the Gods of March Madness provided a favorable first round matchup for them.  Moreover, Captain Marvel, being still in the theaters, has a small disadvantage in 1/3 of their score because they aren’t complete in that measure, but waiting seems both anti-thetical to the March and arbitrary. Regardless of any of the issues, I made sure to not inject myself into the seeding.  Here is the bracket (full with Stan Lee cameo and all):

super Madness.jpg

Vote for your favorites in the matchup below. The voting for the first round will remain open until March 29th at 5:00 PM EST when the winners will be announced for the 2nd round match-ups.

Vote and share. And as always, Excelsior!

Update: The first round polls are closed. You can find the results here. Please go to Round 2 voting here.

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