Predicting the Rest of the NBA Season


The NBA Playoffs are right around the corner. The way that the standings are right now most likely won’t be how they are at the end of the season. Right now, here’s how the Playoffs are looking as of today:

Eastern Conference:

1. Milwaukee Bucks

2. Toronto Raptors

3. Indiana Pacers

4. Boston Celtics

5. Philadelphia 76ers

6. Brooklyn Nets

7. Detriot Pistons

8. Charlotte Hornets


Western Conference:

1. Golden State Warriors

2. Denver Nuggets

3. OKC Thunder

4. Portland Trailblazers

5. Houston Rockets

6. Utah Jazz

7. San Antonio Spurs

8. LA Clippers


Some teams that have had success so far this season will most likely fall off a little bit. Teams like Indiana and the Clippers have either had a major injury or a major trade. I took a look at every team’s remaining games this season, predicted each one, and figured out how I think the Playoffs will look this year. Here are my results:

Eastern Conference

1. Bucks (63-19)

2. Raptors (61-21)

3. 76ers (56-26)

4. Celtics (53-29)

5. Pacers (48-34)

6. Pistons (42-40)

7. Nets (41-41)

8. Magic (39-43)


Western Conference:

1. Warriors 60-22

2. Nuggets 56-26

3. Thunder 56-26

4. Rockets 51-31

5. Jazz 50-32

6. Blazers 49-33

7. Kings 44-38

8. Spurs 43-39


So, these would be the playoff matches:

Eastern Conference:

1. Bucks(63-19)

8. Magic (39-43)


2. Raptors (61-21)

7. Nets (41-41)


3. 76ers (56-26)

6. Pistons (42-40)


4. Celtics (53-29)

5. Pacers (48-34)


Western Conference:

1. Warriors (60-22)

8. Spurs (43-39)


2. Nuggets (56-26)

7. Kings (44-38)


3. Thunder (56-26)

6. Blazers (49-33)


4. Rockets (51-31)

5. Jazz (50-32)


Some notes: The Nets have a brutal finish to the season. They go on a seven-game road trip in March where they play at OKC, at Utah, at LAC, at Sacramento, at the Lakers, at Portland, and at Philadelphia. That’s brutal. I predict the Nets might win three of those game, most likely two or even one. Playing back to back against Utah and LAC will be tough. The Nets will really be tested during this stretch, and we’ll have to see how their young team responds to some adversity.

Indiana also has a pretty tough schedule for the remainder of the season. Obviously, they don’t have their best player. Even without Oladipo, the Pacers have been really good. 13 out of their last 14 games are against playoff teams, including a four-game road trip against Denver, Portland, LAC, and Golden State. Indiana will still make the playoffs, but they won’t be the three seed.

(AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

The Lakers aren’t going to make the playoffs. I predict the Spurs will go 11-10 to finish the season. This would put their record at 44-38. The Lakers right now are 29-30. In order for them to get to 45 wins, they’ll have to go 16-7. Over their next 23 games, the Lakers are going to play 16 games against Playoff teams. The Lakers have the tenth hardest strength of schedule down the stretch, and it would take a monstrous LeBron James performance for the Lakers to make the playoffs.


Denver and Oklahoma City finish with the same record, but Denver gets the higher seed from holding a tiebreaker due to their record against divisional opponents.

Again, these are just my predictions. How do you think the Playoffs will turn out to be? Who do you see being the dark horse in both conferences? Tweet me @thetreyinator and let’s talk some basketball. 



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Trey Mitchell

The creator of The All Around. I'm a student at the University of Tampa. Originally from Denver, Colorado. I've written for Star Wars News Net and Dig in Denver.

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