Daredevil Season 3: The Best Marvel Has Ever Been

Everyone reading this should know one important thing about me: I’m a HUGE Daredevil fan. The man without fear is tied with Spider-Man as my favorite superhero. Because of this, one could say I was really really hyped for season 3 of Marvel’s Daredevil. With expectations this high, how could any show, yet a show featuring my favorite character be able to live up to the hype I’ve given it? Well, you should probably ask show-runner Erik Oleson because somehow, Daredevil Season 3 was able to live up to the hype, and even exceed it.

In today’s day and age, we’re kind of saturated with superhero content. Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing. I really enjoy most of the content that’s being put out there, mainly from Marvel. DC has done a few good things (Wonder Woman, BVS, Season 1 of The Flash) but Marvel has been where it’s at. The Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU has absolutely changed Hollywood, and nerds like me have been eating all of it up. With all this superhero content, it’s kind of easy to make a story that may be good, but also feels like a lot of other content in it’s genre.
Daredevil Season 3, while technically being in the MCU, is a fresh air of breath to a universe that’s starting to feel similar. The story of Daredevil Season 3 really is self contained. It only once even mentioned the name of a character in the universe, and that’s in the final ten minutes of the season. Because of this, Season 3 tells a clear story that is both fresh while also borrowing the perfect amount of lore from the comics.
This is something that, as a big fan of the comics, I really respected. There is a scene in Kevin Smith’s run of Daredevil that shows Daredevil holding a dying person in his arms. In season 3 they set up that we’re going to get this exact scene again, but we don’t. They actually flip it around on you, with the other person being the one being held. It’s both respectful of the comics, while also being new. Kingpin also rocks his iconic white suit. Like, holy shit!
Okay okay, enough of the nerdy stuff. Even if you know nothing about Daredevil except from what the previous two seasons gave you, you’ll be alright. Season 3 of Daredevil is one thing especially: grounded. The show does a such a great job at making these characters seem real. The people behind the show really did such a great job, especially in Season 3, of making this show character driven. Unlike some of the other shows in the Superhero genre, Marvel’s Daredevil doesn’t rely on action. Because of this, when there is action in the show, it’s freaking amazing.

Much of this action has to do with new character Benjamin Poindexter. Poindexter, going by “Dex” in the show, is a brutally real character that the show allows to develop. Dex’s comic book name is “Bullseye”, yet I don’t think they even mentioned that name once in the show. Again, Daredevil is a show based in reality.
Another new character is Ray Nadeem, FBI Agent and proud parent. When the show started and we were introduced to Nadeem, I really thought he was going to be an annoying character. I thought that he was going to take time away from the characters I’ve already grown to love. Man oh man I was wrong about him.

Nadeem represents what this show is: reality. Daredevil tries so hard to make it’s environment, characters, and dialogue seem real. Yet, this isn’t done in an edgy way like DC’s “Titans”. Nadeem’s story in season 3 feels like it can happen to anyone. Because of this, the character’s arc hits you even harder because yeah, that could be you. Jay Ali’s performance was excellent and really made this character that could have been annoying, one of my favorite parts of the show.
As every show does, Daredevil either succeeds or fails based on it’s main character. In season 1, we got a great build up with Matthew Murdock becoming Daredevil. With season 2, we see him as Daredevil, struggling with himself. And in season 3, we get a real deconstruction of the character, before an amazing rebirth. Matthew’s actions seem honest, brutally honest at times. Charlie Cox may have given his best performance as Daredevil yet in this season. I feel the same way about Cox’s Daredevil as I do about Downey’s Iron Man. The two actors just are their characters. Cox delivers every shade of the devil that we want: sad, angry, vengeful, content, ruthless.

Having Daredevil get rid of his iconic red outfit instead going back to the OG black suit from season 1 was a great idea. At first, I was a little pissed we didn’t get Matt in the red suit. Watching the show it makes total sense though. How many superhero shows have only shown the hero in his actual suit in ⅓ of it’s seasons? It’s just wild to me how ballsy Daredevil is. I mean, I love it. And so do many others.
I can’t talk about Matthew Murdock without talking about Wilson Fisk. Ah….It’s so nice having Kingpin back. Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Kingpin is the best villain in the MCU. I don’t care what anyone says. He is. This is largely because of the vulnerability that Daredevil’s Kingpin has. Even though he’s a horrible person who has done horrible things, when he’s happy somehow so am I?

This is due to great character-writing. The best villains have a mindset that is presented to the viewer that shows that they really think they’re right. Fisk really thinks he’s right. He’s not some evil person born bad. He’s been molded, much by his past, to become the person he is now (much like Matt). He’s really the perfect villain to Daredevil, and season 3 really shows you why.
All the other side characters in season 3 were great. I loved Foggy’s arc, as well as Karen’s. There’s an episode almost solely dedicated to Karen and it is brilliant. This show really felt like 13 episodes was the right amount.

Marvel and Netflix delivered a season of TV that’s almost flawless. The directing, acting, writing, and production value of the show are all impeccable. There’s a freaking 11 minute no-cuts single take action scene in this season. Like WTF? Marvel’s Daredevil has reached peak storytelling. This season is the single greatest thing that Marvel has made in the MCU. Even with this, I don’t need a season 4. Season 3 was just perfect in every way, and while of course I’d like to see more with these characters, I’m happy with what I got .Thank you Marvel. You’ve crafted one of the greatest shows of all time.

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The creator of The All Around.
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Trey Mitchell

The creator of The All Around. I'm a student at the University of Tampa. Originally from Denver, Colorado. I've written for Star Wars News Net and Dig in Denver.

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