NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

1. Los Angeles Rams:

You know your season is going well when fans are debating who deserves the MVP award between Jared Goff and Todd Gurley.   

2. New England Patriots:

Josh Gordon has improved each week and this offense has returned to being dominate. Sony Michel is going to miss a few games, but New England’s November schedule is relatively easy, so they can weather the storm until he returns.

3. Kansas City Chiefs:

In two of the past three weeks, the Chiefs defense has proven they can play at a high level. They’re still vulnerable, but it’s nice to see that they’re not the worst unit in the league after an ugly September.

4. New Orleans Saints:

New Orleans is a serious contender in the NFC but there is reason to worry about this defense. Coming off a rocky performance against Baltimore, they’re now facing a brutal November schedule. Hopefully adding Eli Apple will give them the secondary help they need.

5. Minnesota Vikings:

The Vikings are playing good football despite a number of injuries. Now facing an important stretch where they play New Orleans and their three NFC North rivals in consecutive games, Minnesota has an opportunity to separate themselves in the NFC and take charge of the division.

6. Carolina Panthers:

The Panthers have pulled off nearly miraculous wins two of the past three weeks. That’s not exactly a stable formula, but winning close games is often the difference between the teams that make the postseason and the ones that don’t.

7. Los Angeles Chargers:

LA came dangerously close to blowing Sunday’s game to Tennessee, but they didn’t. That’s a game they absolutely would have lost a year ago. With Philip Rivers playing at an MVP level, a favorable four game stretch, and finally getting some lucky breaks late in games, this looks like the Chargers season to separate themselves in the AFC.    

8. Pittsburgh Steelers: Bye week

9. Baltimore Ravens:

10. Baltimore was in my dog house after their dreadful showing against Cleveland two weeks ago. Apparently, they took it to heart because they’ve looked great since then. It’s a shame they didn’t get a chance to win the game in overtime after Justin Tucker missed his first career PAT. There’s likely going to be ups and downs all season, but they’re going to stay firmly in the playoff race.    

10. Chicago Bears:

It’s time to start worrying about Mitch Trubisky. He’s a great athlete but Chicago probably beats New England if he doesn’t miss a handful of throws. The defense has also struggled with Khalil Mack clearly playing injured. With the Jets and Bills up next, the Bears might want to rest their star for a bit and let him get healthy.    

11. Cincinnati Bengals:

I’ve been high on Cincinnati all year so I’m willing to overlook Sunday night’s disaster. Bad games happen and I’m not ready to hop off the bandwagon. Still, they’ve now dropped two straight and Pittsburgh and Baltimore aren’t going away. They need to get back on track this week against Tampa.   

12. Philadelphia Eagles:

They only reason we shouldn’t be in panic mode is because the NFC East is pitiful. Blowing a 17-0 lead in the fourth quarter at home is unacceptable. The Eagles still have time to right the ship, but they’re extremely susceptible at the moment.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars:

I’m sure Carlos Hyde will help with Fournette out, but if Jacksonville is trading draft picks to Cleveland, maybe they should have asked about Tyrod Taylor.

14. Green Bay Packers:  Bye Week

15. Detroit Lions:

This offense is fun. The passing game has been great all year and Sunday’s win over Miami finally gave us the dominate Kerryon Johnson game we’ve been waiting for.  

16. Atlanta Falcons:

The defense is going to eventually be their downfall, but the remainder of the schedule is pretty favorable. Don’t be surprised if they stay in the NFC playoff mix for a while.

17. Houston Texans:

It’s not a great sign when your starting QB can’t ride on a plane. Nevertheless, Houston has won four consecutive games and currently appear to be the favorites in the AFC South.

18. Tennessee Titans:

The play call and throw were questionable, but I’ll commend Mike Vrabel for going for the win.   

19. Denver Broncos:

This is still an extremely flawed football team but Thursday’s win against Arizona was impressive. When Von Miller promises an ass-kicking, he delivers.  

20. Washington Redskins:

You can’t trust Washington weekly, but it’s becoming a possibility that they pull out 9 ugly wins and take home the division. Can we please just relegate the NFC East for the rest of the season?

21. Seattle Seahawks: Bye Week

22. Cleveland Browns:

I know it’s been hard Browns fans but just remember, every loss is one step closer to Hue Jackson being fired.  

23. Miami Dolphins:

Say what you will, but Brock Osweiler but he hasn’t been bad since taking over for Ryan Tannehill. This season has gifted us some great storylines, but Brocktober coming to an end with win against his former team, the Texans, might take the cake.

24. Dallas Cowboys:

We can debate the compensation, but Amari Cooper should help the offense. Not enough to make them the favorites in the East, but Dallas is in desperate need for play makers.  

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Any win is a good win but it sure is frustrating watching Jameis Winston continue to make rookie mistakes in his fourth season.

26. New York Jets:

The Jets season has been a hefty combination of good and bad. Not surprising for a rebuilding team. With the postseason looking out of reach, the question going forward is how many wins Todd Bowles needs this year to keep his job.

27. Indianapolis Colts:

The offense has played well this season. While the playoffs aren’t likely, there are numerous Colts players helping fantasy football owners win games weekly. See, there are reasons to stay positive in a losing season.

28. Oakland Raiders: Bye week

29.  New York Giants:

It’s about a year too late, but the Giants are finally beginning the rebuilding process. Saquon Barkley is the only reason they’re worth watching.   

30. Buffalo Bills:

Hey, if you’re going to stink, be historic at it. Football Outsiders ranks the Bills offensive efficiently at -53.4%, which is the lowest number ever recorded through seven weeks. Seriously, was it really worth trading away Tyrod Taylor for a 3rd rounder?

31. San Francisco 49ers: 

I know this season has been rough 49ers fans, but we’re almost halfway through the regular season and you’re going to get a really good draft pick out of it. Just hang in there for a bit longer.

32. Arizona Cardinals:

I’m begging you to do the right thing here, Arizona. Please trade Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson to contenders. They don’t deserve this  

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