Pete’s Picks: Week 4

*we know this is late, week 5’s picks are also going up today*

The league is HEATING UP to say the least. This week we’re reaching the quarter mark in our regular season, bye weeks (Panthers, Skins) and a whole lot of analysis on what the Hell happened last upset Sunday. What the Hell happened. My running record is now 23-23-2 and I’m looking to improve it, but I’d be a dirty liar if I sat here and said predicting anything this season is easy. Week 4 looks impossible to predict, but predict week 4 I will. Vikes are in the City of Angels for TNF, let’s start there…

Vikings @ Rams – Rams

I want to say Vikings so bad. It’s not that I’m rooting for them, but after that home loss to the Bills this team has to be dumbfounded. Extremely angry I’m sure, but unfortunately the Rams are anything but a team to beat up and take out pent-up anger on. This may very well be an NFC championship preview. Still can’t believe Josh Allen walked into Minnesota and the Bills followed his lead and smacked that team. I’d take the Vikings if it was in Minnesota, Especially with Talib out, the Vikes recievers have a big night, BUT the Rams are just too hot to stop. Rams by a small amount.

Jets @ Jaguars – Jaguars

Jaguars defense is still elite and holding strong. I don’t see the Jets winning this game, especially in Jax. The secondary should be able to shut down these recievers and the D-Line shouldn’t have a problem with Crowell even though he’s coming of a two touchdown week. Jags RB’s are injury ridden but I think they still get a win Sunday, Jags wideouts should make up for a banged up backfield.

Dolphins @ Patriots – Patriots

As much as it pains me to say it, Pats will win this game. Dolphins are not the undefeated football team some people think they are, and even worse it’s in Foxborough. Tommy boy won’t lose to the fins at home. Josh Gordon in the mix now too, truly pains me to say it but the Patriots are angry at 1-2 and will bring it back to .500.

Eagles @ Titans – Eagles

The birds are back. Carson Wentz should have a much better week than his return game last Sunday, and I don’t think this Titans team can beat them even at home. Derrick Henry has been unproductive this year to say the least, and Philly’s RBs share the wealth phenomenally. Birds.

Texans @ Colts – Texans

I DON’T CARE IF THEY’RE 0-3. I’ve been high on the Texans all offseason, and I’m still high on this team. They’re way too talented to be winless, and I think they all realize that and snap this week. Their offense and defense has so much potential and I don’t see them falling to a shaky Colts division rival. H-Town.

Bills @ Packers – Packers

The Bills shocked all of us last weekend going into Minnesota’s beautiful stadium and dominating them. Will it happen again against the Vike rival Packers? No it will not. Packers are angry coming off a big loss to the Skins, and they’re not gonna let the rookie show out like he did last week. Rodgers won’t let it happen, Packers still have big potential like every year, and I don’t think the Bills good fortune lasts especially not at Lambeau.  

Lions @ Cowboys – Lions

Ah, the ole Thanksgiving teams. Two great fan bases and classic teams, I think this will be a great matchup. Lions showed me a lot against the Patriots Sunday night. Cowboys are also looking better than last year, but I knew they wouldn’t be able to get it done in Seattle, as they faced an angry Russel Wilson in one of the loudest venues in the league. I want to say Dallas at home, but the Lions weapons at receiver are just so deadly. Lions in a close one.

Buccaneers @ Bears – Bears

Buccaneers and Fitzmagic wasn’t gonna last, as a pissed of Steelers came into town Monday night desperate for their first win. Steelers got it done, but just barely. Fitz looked great in the second half, but the Bears look so so so good. Khalil Macks don’t come around often, the Raiders are delusional for not paying him, and it’s showing. Buccaneers don’t win in Chi town this weekend, and the Bears offense comes together at home.

Bengals @ Falcons – Falcons

Both of these teams have great potential, but Atlanta is another very hard place to win. The Falcons are sitting at 1-2 and I feel they’re much better than that. Calvin Ridley is coming into his own and that’s absolutely deadly to have along with Sanu and Julio. Matt Ryan is looking hot as well, coming off of a record performance against the Saints that they just barely lost. Bengals receiving core also looks great, so expect a shootout in the ATL with two solid QB1’s. Falcons.

Seahawks @ Cardinals – Seahawks

After a sub-par Seattle start, the Hawks bounced back big time at home against America’s team. Seattle goes in and beats the Cardinals who look like they have nothing going for them right about now. I think Rosen will make this a close game though, teams with zero wins play desperate ball. Arizona is a place that DangerRuss is used to playing and winning. The Griffin brothers look great for Seattle, Seahawks get a dub in the desert.

Browns @ Raiders – Raiders

Bakers first NFL start. Very exciting. The browns looked great in their Thursday night comeback. Baker is exactly what they’re been looking for and exactly what they’ve needed. Raiders have lost close games and there is no way Gruden and Derek Carr go 0-4. Browns have a lot going for them, but they play the most desperate team in the league right now on their turf (/baseball diamond). Raiders receiving core looked good last week and I think they put in work this week against the Browns at home. Raiders improve to 1-3 against the Brownies.

Saints @ Giants – Saints

Saints are hot. Saints have one of the scariest offenses in the NFL. Their close win in Atlanta was massive for their confidence and for what they do the rest of the year. G-Men looked great against Houston, but I’m not sure they can be that great two weeks in a row. This game should be high scoring. Kamara is a gem. Saquon could have a big day against the Saints, and we’ll see how Eli holds up against them. Saints.

49ers @ Chargers – Chargers

Chargers D is very banged up, but the 9ers whole franchise is officially banged up with Garoppolo’s heartbreaking injury. The Chargers are a much better team overall, Phil Rivers is leading an extremely hungry/talented offense and defense into what they hope to be a deep playoff run. Chargers should have no problem winning this California battle.



Ravens @ Steelers – Steelers

I love this rivalry. So much. A very bitter never ending rivalry that has been so fun to watch the last 10+ years. The fans hate each other, the players hate each other, it’s what makes football so beautiful. Big Ben wont lose to his most hated team at home. Steelers will have back to back great night game performances. I expect it to be hard fought, extremely physical game as always.  Juju and AB are any secondary’s worst nightmare. James Conner looks great, almost as if they might not need Le’veon after all… Steelers get their second win


Chiefs @ Broncos


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