College Football: Week 5 Winners and Losers


Huuuuge weekend for CFB, especially in College GameDay’s Game of the Week and more. I’m going to try and do more winners and losers than last week because my Week 5 Preview was shorter than I had hoped for. I’d also like to mention beforehand that future MAC Champions, Akron, had a bye week this week which is why there is no mention of them in this.




Trace McSorley

In Saturday night’s exuberant game against #4 Ohio State, senior QB Trace McSorley played one of the best game of his career. Not only was he a threat in the air, going 16/32 with 286 yds and 2 TDs, but McSorley carried the ball a total of 25 times for 175 yds, breaking the Penn State record for most rushing TDs for a QB (21). Ohio State, missing all-star DE Nick Bosa due to injury, simply could not handle McSorley’s run game and had a lot of trouble defending receivers, KJ Hamler and Juwan Johnson. It was this 31-yd one-handed SNAG by Johnson from McSorley that really defined the air game for the Nittany Lions. 


Then, late in the 2nd, from his own 7-yd line, McSorley throws an absolute dime to freshman WR KJ Hamler for a 93-yd receiving TD to go 13-0 against the Buckeyes in the first half.

However, despite this Heisman-level performance from McSorley; Dwayne Haskins, JK Dobbins and the #4 Buckeyes led a 4th qtr charge to end up winning the game in Happy Valley, 27-26 to secure the Big Ten East.


Chase Brice

Well… Unfortunately after it was announced that he would be the starter for #3 Clem(p)son, true freshman Trevor Lawrence was taken out of Saturday’s game against Syracuse due to concussion symptoms after a mcnasty hit. Championship QB Kelly Bryant announced he would leave Clem(p)son after Lawrence got the nod, so Dabo Swinney was put into a tough situation and putting in QB3, Chase Brice. With little experience in game-situation, Brice showed up, coming in the first half, down 16-7, and won the second half with the help of RB Travis Etienne, 203 yds and 3 TDs. Brice showed some real grit, coming in and leading this offense to escape the upset from Syracuse by converting a 4th & 6, leading to a game-saving TD in a 94-yd drive.



So disclaimer: I did not watch #6 LSU’s 45-16 win at home against Ole Miss.

You really love to see an SEC team that isn’t Alabama or Auburn emerging out of the swamp and kicking ass. I don’t want to make this about Joe Burrow, but… LSU’s success wouldn’t be possible without him. The transfer QB has been putting up incredible stats week in and week out. Burrow had 9 rushes for 96 yds and a TD this week alone. I mean they’re not McSorley numbers, but that’s still pretty nice. Coach Ed Orgeron has led this team to greatness, not just offensively but on both sides of the ball, holding offenses to just 334 yds in 5 games. LSU is looking stronger and stronger with every game and now, 2-0 in the SEC Coach O is looking to take the conference by storm. Holding on for their strongest opponent yet, #1 Alabama on 11/3. Hot take of the year: LSU beats Alabama to go to the National Championship. That’s why the Tigers are a winner this week, and also this clip of Coach O in the post game press conference that unequivocally proved to me the Tigers are ready for war.



Speaking of #1 Alabama, they played yet another cakewalk game this week playing the Ragin’ Cajuns of Louisiana, 56-14, no problem. Alabama is one of my winners this week solely because of this 63-yd punt return in the first quarter by Jaylen Waddle, no thanks to an absolute MONSTER block by Jaylen Moody to go up 21-0 on the Cajuns.


Rodrigo Blankenship

Our last winner of the week is a kicker; yes a kicker, in 2018: the Year of the Kicker. In the 3rd quarter of the Georgia-Tennessee game Saturday, backup UGA QB Justin Fields ran in a 12-yd TD to go up 24-0. K Rodrigo Blankenship lines up for the PAT with a botched snap as he goes for the kick, reloads and still bangs it in. Look, I don’t know anything about kicking, but that looked hard as all hell.





So I realize #3 Clem(p)son won this week, barely, but in all honesty, really lost. They lost their starting QB Trevor Lawrence in a heartbreaking concussion after a nasty hit. Not only did they lose Lawrence to injury, they also lost former starter QB Kelly Bryant, who is set to transfer. So pretty much the Tigers season is relying on redshirt freshman Chase Brice until Lawrence is cleared to play, which could definitely be detrimental to their season. The Tigers control their own destiny in the ACC, still having to play NC State, Duke and South Carolina. After Saturday’s win over Syracuse, Clem(p)son dropped a spot in the AP Top 25 Poll to go into Week 6 at #4, below Bama, Georgia and Ohio State.


Jim Harbaugh

Michigan is not a good team. That’s how I’m starting this. Not only were they damn near close to losing to Northwestern, a team that fell to Akron, they continue to make themselves look so incredibly bad every single week. And head coach Jim Harbaugh did not help AT ALL this week. During pregame warmups at Ryan Field, Harbaugh was hilariously caught off guard as a football, an object involved fairly heavily in pregame warmups for a football game, came his way. Harbaugh’s reaction was the most ridiculous thing about this week in CFB.


Turnover Props

Turnover Props are dead. Bury them. Let them die, please. I’m so sick of seeing a new Turnover Prop every week. This week saw the emergence of the Turnover Coal Miner Hat from West Virginia… But like why?

These props are nothing more than a distraction in my opinion. I sound like an old man, but I hate nothing more than seeing some ridiculous object being used as an incentive mid-game. There’s the Turnover Backpack at Florida State (horrible), the Turnover Trash Can at Tennessee (don’t get to use it much), the Turnover Plank at Kennesaw State (-_-), the Turnover Throne at Boise State (kind of cool but still), and the Turnover Shoulder Pads at Georgia (cool). This all comes after Miami’s Turnover Chain blew up last year.

That actually works though and UM should’ve trademarked all turnover paraphernalia after last year and we wouldn’t be having this little chat. Get rid of them. Please.


The Volunteers are off to a horrible start and cannot score, now 2-3 on the season, 0-2 in the SEC. In Saturday’s game against Georgia, they were only able to score twice on the day and couldn’t convert 2 two-point conversion attempts. Man, I bet they miss Butch Jones, hasn’t been the same since. The perfect example of how Tennessee is doing this season comes from the first quarter where Tennessee misses two sacks of Georgia QB Jake Fromm, picked up by Isaac Nauta, and a whiffed tackle ending with a 31-yd TD run. Huge L for Tennessee this week, hate to see it.


Ohio State

The Buckeyes really did some damage to my mental health this weekend. In their game against Penn State, the Buckeyes played their worst game of the year so far, yet still managed to win miraculously. Ohio State’s defense could not stop Trace McSorley’s run game at all, I would think mostly due to Nick Bosa’s injury. Definitely made a difference defending the rush. However, the secondary could not keep up with KJ Hamler or Juwan Johnson. Not only was the defense ugly, but their offense wasn’t working either. The run game with JK Dobbins and Mike Weber, Jr. was the only offensive strategy that was working, one that wasn’t necessarily used as much before. Ohio State should not have won that game. They need to bounce back after a close win with the Nittany Lions and reevaluate defensive strategies. But the Buckeyes won and let’s take a look at how they did it:


Updated AP Top 25 Poll

  1. Alabama (5-0)
  2. Georgia (5-0)
  3. Ohio State (5-0)
  4. Clemson (5-0)
  5. LSU (5-0)
  6. Notre Dame (5-0)
  7. Oklahoma (5-0)
  8. Auburn (5-1)
  9. West Virginia (4-0)
  10. Washington (4-1)
  11. Penn State (4-1)
  12. UCF (4-0)
  13. Kentucky (5-0)
  14. Stanford (4-1)
  15. Michigan (4-1)
  16. Wisconsin (3-1)
  17. Miami (4-1)
  18. Oregon (4-1)
  19. Texas (4-1)
  20. Michigan State (3-1)
  21. Colorado (4-0)
  22. Florida (4-1)
  23. NC State (4-0)
  24. Virginia Tech (3-1)
  25. Oklahoma State (4-1)


Heisman Watch

  • Tua Tagavailoa QB – Alabama
  • Will Grier QB – West Virginia
  • Benny Snell, Jr. RB – Kentucky
  • Trace McSorley QB – Penn State
  • Dwayne Haskins, Jr. QB – Ohio State

That’ll do it for this weeks Winners & Losers. I’m hoping to do a Week 6 Preview this week and talk about the Red River Rivalry and a lot more. Thanks for reading and be sure to hit me up @saintnik56 and follow @TheAllAround_ on twitter for more!

The Big Boy Hit of the Week comes from Syracuse-Clem(p)son late in the fourth. DE Xavier Thomas shed a late block from RT Koda Martin, who was late out of his stance, for a huge sack late in the game.

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