3 Up-incoming Hip-Hop Artists You Need To Be Listening To


Juice WRLD

One of the biggest artists of the past few months has been 19 year old Jared Higgins, commonly known as “Juice WRLD.” Juice has stormed the charts with his groundbreaking hits “Lucid Dreams”, “All Girls Are The Same”, and “Legends”. While Lucid Dreams” and “All Girls Are The Same” are off his debut album “Goodbye & Good Riddance” released on May 23rd, 2018. “Legends” is a response track he released on June 19th, 2018 just one day after artist XXXtentacion’s untimely death. Juice WRLD’s “Legends” is seen as a tribute song to not only XXX, but rapper Lil Peep who overdosed on laced pills mid-November last year (Nov. 15th 2017). Many see Juice WRLD’s style as a seamless cross between both late artists flow type and emotional intensity. As of late, Juice WRLD’s album “Goodbye & Good Riddance” has been booming, as it resides at the 14th spot on the iTunes top album chart, right in front of XXX’s last studio album “?” at #15. He was also just featured on Tim Westwood TV, a popular hip hop channel on YouTube where he impressively freestyled for over an while breaking the internet’s hip hop community with his talent and lyrical ability. All in all Juice WRLD in breaking through the wall of the current trend of hip hop and is definitely an artist to on the lookout for.



A staple in the underground Hip Hop community is 23 year old rapper out of Anaheim, California Marco Archer better known as “Phora.” Phora is best known for some of his newer songs such as, “To the Moon” and “Faithful” while some of his older song such as “Fake Smiles” and “I Think I Love You” have kept the top spots still years after their release date. Phora’s music is known for his realistic and passionate story telling. As a young man Phora was a victim of an attempted murder told by his incredible single “My Story” released late 2013. While this amazing slam poem styled track went viral, Phora has been able to keep a steady growing audience since then. After years of success, Phora released another heartbreaking track titled “God’s Plan” describing yet another unsuccessful attempted murder case he was the victim of. In this track Phora says a line that resonated with his fans and myself personally “They killed my ass twice and I still lived, and all it did was make me famous” Personally I have been a fan of Phora since 2012 when he was featured on a youtube account called Cypher Effect and I have been following his ever since. As of late, Phora released what is considered his first studio album “Yours Truly Forever” which peaked at 44 on the US Billboard chart and #1 on the US Billboard Rap/Hip-Hop chart. I have always felt like Phora is one of the most underrated artist of right now and should without a doubt be your next favorite artist.



One of the newest faces in Hip Hop is 21 year old Isaiah Rivera, also known as Wifisfuneral. Along with being a 2018 XXL freshman, Wifi has made an enormous splash in the Hip Hop industry, bridging the gap between Mumble rap fans and lyrical rap fans. Although Wifi might be a new face to many his break out mixtapes, “Black Heart Revenge” and “When Hell Falls” were released in 2016 & 2017. After his success he was quickly signed to Interscope records on March 17th, 2017. Since then Wifi has retained his spotlight with his next tape released late 2017 titled “Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Currently Wifisfuneral was announced as one of the ten artist to be featured as the 2018 XXL freshman class and has released his latest mixtape “Ethernet”. In my opinion Ethernet is a true standalone in Wifi’s repertoire, showcasing his incredible lyricism while still appealing to the current rap trends. I think Wifisfuneral is a very new yet groundbreaking artist in the hip hop community with only good things to come.

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