DeMarcus Cousins Signs with the Golden State Warriors


Free agent DeMarcus Cousins has signed a one-year, $5.3 million deal with the Golden State Warriors. This comes as a shock to the rest of the league, as it was previously thought that Cousins had his eyes set on a different California team: The Los Angeles Lakers.

Cousins will fill the gaping gap at center for the Warriors. JaVale McGee signed with the Los Angeles Lakers yesterday, and the team still has Zaza Pachulia.

The Warriors’ starting lineup of Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green, and Cousins could easily be the starting lineup an All-Star team. The main question will be DeMarcus Cousin’s health. Playing with the Warriors means that the team isn’t going to be relying on Cousins. This will prove to be a good thing for the center’s long term health, as he won’t be rushed back. I would expect Cousins to be back no earlier than March, as the team doesn’t value the regular season very much.

The best team in the NBA just got a little bit better tonight. Only paying Cousins $5.3 million this season is a steal, even if he only plays in the playoffs. Stay tuned to The All Around for all breaking news regarding NBA free agency.

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