The Top 35 Free Agents and Where They Might Sign

By Trey Mitchell

I’m going to preface this by saying I have no idea where these guys are going to sign. All I can do is use the knowledge I have to make educated guesses as to where they’re going to end up.

*Guys who are restricted free agents but teams will definitely match any offers:

-Nikola Jokic

– Kyle Anderson

– Dante Exum

*This also excludes guys who have already opted into their contracts.

  1.   Jeff Green

If LeBron stays, I think so does Green. If not, I’m not sure Green gets signed until the season starts.

He signs with: The Cavaliers

  1. Tony Parker

Tony Parker will be a Spur for life.

He signs with: The Spurs

  1. Wayne Ellington

Ellington had a really nice year for Miami. He made a little over $6 million last season. I think a team like Golden State would love to have Ellington, but his price tag would be a little high.

He signs with: The Jazz

  1. Nemanja Bjelica

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about Bjelica. He’s a nice player who can hit the consistent 3. I’m not really sure what the market is for a 30 year old only coming into his second season, but a team that needs some shooting on the perimeter can get Bjelica at a good value.

He signs with: The Pelicans

  1. Elfrid Payton

The market for point guards is DRY. Payton is an above average passer, but his shooting hasn’t progressed like many had hoped. As of now, I can’t see Payton starting anywhere. A team like the Nuggets would make a lot of sense for Payton. I’m not sure if they’ll be able to sign him though, given the team’s financial situation.

He signs with: The Pacers

  1. Rodney Hood

I really don’t see a scenario where Hood gets more than $5 million a season. After a terrible end to the season for Cleveland, Hood’s value is very low. Yet, I think he’ll be one of the best bargains of this summer.

He signs with: The Pelicans

  1. Joe Harris

Speaking of bargains, Joe Harris is one of the best values of this summer. Harris is an elite 3 point shooter, and an underrated defender. Harris could thrive on a young team, and I think will find himself a semi-nice payday.

He signs with: The Pistons

  1. Jamal Crawford

Crawford can still bring energy and shooting off of a bench. He’ll be valuable to contenders, but I think there’s a pretty obvious destination for the veteran.

He signs with: The Warriors

  1. Mario Hezonja

My friend Jeff Morton LOVES Hezonja. He wants him in Denver very badly. Because of this, I don’t think he’s coming to Denver.

He signs with: The Nets

  1. Rudy Gay

I don’t know what the value of Gay is. On one hand, he can still put up points. On the other hand, his motor is still questionable and he isn’t a great defender.

He signs with: The Knicks

  1. Tyreke Evans

Evans had a strong year with Memphis. That being said, I really have no idea what the market is for him. Evans needs the ball in his hands to be effective, so that will play into where he signs.

He signs with: The Spurs

  1. Isaiah Thomas

It’s crazy that Thomas is this low on my board. I think that in the right situation, Thomas can be an effective player again.

He signs with: The Cavaliers

  1. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

KCP had an interesting year in Los Angeles. He won’t get anywhere near the $18 million he got this past season, but I think Barton, Bradley, Evans, and KCP will all get around the same contract. I’m not sure what that contract is though.

He signs with: The Bucks

  1. Nerlens Noel

Noel is another guy that a team can get for great value. After betting on himself and turning down money, Noel finds himself in a situation where there is more supply (for centers) than demand. Getting a one year deal then going back into the market next summer might be the best move.

He signs with: The Wizards

  1. Avery Bradley

It seems like a while ago when Bradley was playing well for the Celtics. Losing a lot of last season to injury, Bradley is going to look for a bounce back year. A physical player, almost any team would want a guy like Bradley.

He signs with: The Grizzlies

  1. Brook Lopez

Lopez is still one of the best post-up centers in the league. He had a good year with the Lakers, and I think there’s definitely a market for him.

He signs with: The Pacers

  1. Will Barton

The Nuggets really want to keep Barton. Their current financial situation would limit them from being able to keep him, but I think they’re going to be able to get rid of Faried and Arthur with a draft pick or player attached.

He signs with: The Nuggets

  1. Jusuf Nurkic (restricted)

If this was 2016, Nurkic would get $20 million a season. In 2018, I’m not sure what the market is for him. He might just take the qualifying offer from Portland.

He signs with: The Blazers

  1. Montrezl Harrell (restricted)

The Clippers really liked Harrell last season. They’re in jeopardy of being in the repeater’s tax for something like the third season, which would cost a ton of money. If they can get some of the money off their books, they’d love to resign Harrell.

He signs with: The Clippers

  1. Rajon Rondo

“Playoff Rondo” probably made “Regular season Rondo” a lot of money this summer. I think he stays in New Orleans, and the team makes Rondo the primary point guard with Jrue Holiday playing off-ball more.

He signs with: The Pelicans

  1. Trevor Ariza

Ariza has a lot of value. He’s another one of those guys that would have gotten paid Batum-type numbers if this was 2016. Not a lot of teams have much space this summer. I think this type of situation always helps the team that had the player before free agency hits.

He signs with: The Rockets

  1. Derrick Favors

Something that the past two seasons have shown Jazz fans is that Favors tends to play best when Gobert is not on the floor. Due to this, I think Favors would prefer to be the primary big man on a team. That being said, this isn’t the summer for Centers (he can also play the 4). Favors might be a candidate for the MLE (Mid-level exception).

He signs with: The Bucks

  1. Zach LaVine (restricted)

LaVine looked good after he came back from injury to the Bulls. Yet, I think this is a funky time to get him a contract extension. I think the Bulls would be hesitant to match a large contract.

He signs with: The Kings

  1. Dwyane Wade


He signs with: The Heat

  1. Marcus Smart (restricted)

Boston would love to have smart back. Yet, much like a lot of other RFA’s, I don’t think Boston would match a really high offer. What happens if a team like the Bulls think it would be smarter to max out Marcus Smart instead of Zach LaVine?

He signs with: The Mavericks

  1. Julius Randle (restricted)

Randle played really well for the Lakers last season. He’s one of those four centers that might find this summer to be dissapointing. The Pacers make sense for him, as does Dallas. The Lakers might try to sign-and-trade him in some part of a Kawhi deal.

He signs with: The Lakers (but will get traded)

  1. DeAndre Jordan

I think Jordan opts into his contract actually. Though if he was a free agent, he’ll struggle to find a team to give him a long-term contract at the age of 30.

He signs with: Opts-into contract with the Clippers and gets traded

  1. Aaron Gordon (restricted)

The word on the street is that Orlando would probably match any offer for Gordon. While I don’t understand this, it is the Magic. If the team did let Gordon go, keep an eye on Indiana.

He signs with: The Magic

  1. J.J. Reddick

I think Philly strikes out with trying to land a big star. Keeping Reddick around on another large, one year deal seems likely.

He signs with: The 76ers

  1. DeMarcus Cousins

A big man coming back from an Achilles tear is tough. Cousins is a free agent at the absolute worst time. For one, he’s coming off an injury. Secondly, the market for centers is dry. I personally think New Orleans was better with Mirotic at the power forward spot, who is on a better contract.

He signs with: the Mavericks

  1. Clint Capela (restricted)

Much like Philly, I think Houston strikes out with the big name stars and just runs it back. Capela gave Golden State major issues and is one of the best big men in the league. I think he has tremendous value, and I’m not sure who will offer him a max offer sheet. Because of this, I think he stays in Houston.

He signs with: the Rockets

  1. Chris Paul

There’s no way Paul leaves the Rockets this summer. Where the hell would he get the type of money that Houston would pay him anywhere else?

He signs with: the Rockets

  1. Paul George

George has the opportunity to really dictate what happens this off-season with a lot of the top players. If he stays in OKC, I think that LeBron thinks long and hard about if he really wants to go to the Lakers a lot. If he does go to LA, I think LeBron would join him. If he goes to Philly (probably the best basketball fit), who knows what LeBron does? I have no idea what George does.

He signs with: the Thunder

  1. Kevin Durant

Ask me again next summer.

He signs with: the Warriors

  1. LeBron James

The one you’ve all been waiting for. Hell, everyone has been waiting to see where the best player in the world will take his talents next. Anyone who said they knew where LeBron was going would be lying. No one knows. Yet, I have a really hard time seeing him going back to Cleveland. He did everything he could for that team, and the players around him just couldn’t get it done. I think the Lakers are the obvious move for him. As much as it pains me to see the Lakers good again, I think him and another star (either Leonard or George) will be on the Lakers next season.

He signs with: the Lakers

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Trey Mitchell

The creator of The All Around. I'm a student at the University of Tampa. Originally from Denver, Colorado. I've written for Star Wars News Net and Dig in Denver.

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